Social Responsibility

  • Empower legal graduates of tier two and tier three cities

    Where they primarily see litigation as an occupation, but then litigation practice has a lot to do with networking and this is not essentially a part of the curriculum, as a result most of them end up working with experienced advocates where their average income for the first three to five years of their career is less than $133.00 dollars a month. Then there are advocates who are unlucky enough not to receive anything for their services during he said duration. They are expected to learn the networking skills on their own and get their own clients. The remuneration for these young advocates for their services is not expected to be in monetary terms but the right to use the goodwill of these experienced advocates.

    Even if they are aware about the paralegal opportunity, there is a fear that this will make their knowledge of Indian laws futile.

    Even if they wish to work with international attorneys there is a communication barrier; for the students who have completed their education in vernacular language the scope to learn English in the law school is very limited.

    Ours is the only firm which provides services both in the Indian laws as well as paralegal support to international attorneys. Professionals associated with us while working as paralegals will also be actively involved as a part of our legal service team, thus eliminating the fear of losing touch with Indian Laws.

    Our focus is on providing employment and training opportunities to legal professionals from tier two and tier three cities. Thus empowering them financially which the litigation practice in these cities will never permit them for at least the first three years of their career.

    In future we also plan to develop a program to improve the communication skills of the budding lawyers.

  • Promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R):

    The Indian Judiciary is reeling under the burden of civil cases delaying settlements and increasing the cost of litigation. The Founder of Lex Tweak has been academically inclined towards A.D.R Methods and it is his vision to promote cost effective and quick legal solutions. In pursuance of this we have ventured into case evaluation so as to identify whether your case can be resolved by A.D.R Methods. Our Legal advisory and Legal Consultation is focused on dissuading frivolous litigation and directing litigants towards Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation, and Arbitration.