About Us

Our Story

“Lex Tweak” as the name suggests is the combination of Lex meaning law and Tweak is informal for adjustment. The cornerstone of Lex Tweak is to make solutions easy efficient and affordable for all, and this inspires us in our endeavors to expand our services, reduce costs, and set new benchmarks for the quality of our services. Lex Tweak is here to disrupt the way how law firms work, Lex Tweak is here to provide comprehensive legal service and that also includes paralegal services. To know more please visit our Legal and Paralegal services pages

Triple "E" Advantage


We assure you of one of the lowest market standard rates for our paralegal services.


We are an upcoming firm and we understand the value of your dollars, we cherish our small clientele and provide our undivided attention to them, this reflects in the quality of our product.


This firm was set up by a lawyer and he understands what fresh law graduates go through in the initial phase of their career. Please look at our Social Responsibility page to know how each dollar we receive is going to change a life.

  • Goal for our consultation clients

    Our goal is to simplify the laws and draft legal documents which even a common man with no knowledge of the law can understand. Our focus is on Alternate Dispute Resolution, with this in mind we offer a unique case evaluation service along with our legal consultation. Please look at our Legal services page to know more. Currently, our consultation and Drafting services are limited to Clients in India.

  • Goal for our paralegal service clients

    What sets us apart from other paralegal services providers is; this is one of the select few service providers which has been founded by a lawyer. For us, this is just not another commercial venture, we at Lex Tweak realize how much your practice means to you, “Only a lawyer can understand what a lawyer goes through”. Our goal is to cater to your paralegal in the most efficient and economical way, simultaneously empowering a new generation of Job Seekers, please look at our Empowerment page. We primarily serve Personal Injury Attorneys but our select services are also available for other Attorneys, please look at our paralegal services page.

  • Future Plans

    Legal Services: Our plan is to expand our litigation services to other cities currently litigation services are restricted to; Aurangabad, Mumbai, and Nagpur in Maharashtra.

    Paralegal Services: Currently, our focus is on US-based Personal Injury Attorneys, and only provide select services to other Attorneys. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive package of services to attorneys practicing in other areas of law. Our next great leap is to provide paralegal services to parties involved in International Commercial Arbitrations.

    Other Services: We understand that paralegal service for PI Attorneys is incomplete without an RFR team. Building an RFR team is at the top of our priority list.